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Made with inovation PTScience is here for your next project

PTScience is committed to helping its clients obtain the product they need while focusing on three main pillars, innovation, sustainability, and circular economy. This is achieved due to a committed and specialized team that always thrives to deliver the best solution for your needs.

We’re reaching new milestones for bio-based solutions with a scope on health and sustainability.

  PTScience is a biotechnology company based in Portugal, specialized in the design, development, and production of bio-based solutions, following the principles of green chemistry.

  PTScience is a product of collaboration between Universities, Research Centers, and partner companies. The company maintains the compromise of delivering innovative, sustainable, and green products from the moment that they are designed until their production. To this day, the company consists of a highly specialized multidisciplinary team that shares the same principles as the company, following a lifestyle that focuses on health and sustainability.

The world is moving towards sustainable and bio-based solutions. Our goal is to design and deliver products that allow you to find better alternatives while achieving your sustainability goals. 
We are specialized in the design,
development, and production
of bio-based solutions.

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