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SAM 6.0 ®

A Sustainable Approach to Microalgae Cultivation

  SAM 6.0 is a modular vertical photobioreactor designed for the production and cultivation of high-lipid microalgae. It is specifically intended for wastewater bioremediation in a closed and controlled environment.

This innovative system offers several advantages over traditional microalgae cultivation methods, making it an attractive option for sustainable wastewater treatment and the production of valuable bioproducts.

 SAM 6.0 represents a significant advancement in microalgae cultivation technology, offering a sustainable and efficient approach to wastewater bioremediation, CO2 capture, and high-value bioproduct production.

Its modular design, enhanced performance, and versatility make it a compelling solution for a wide range of applications, contributing to a more sustainable future.
Key Features:

  • Enhanced Photosynthetic Efficiency: SAM 6.0's unique design maximizes light penetration and optimizes nutrient delivery, leading to superior photosynthetic efficiency and increased microalgae productivity.
  • Enhanced CO2 Removal: The system's efficient gas exchange mechanism enables effective CO2 capture and utilization by microalgae, contributing to greenhouse gas mitigation and potential carbon sequestration.
  • Cultivation Versatility: SAM 6.0 can accommodate a wide range of cultivation media, including wastewater, industrial effluents, and saline water, demonstrating its versatility in various bioremediation applications.
  • Season-Independent Production: Unlike open-air cultivation methods, SAM 6.0's controlled environment eliminates the influence of seasonal variations, ensuring consistent microalgae production throughout the year.
  • Reduced Contamination Risk: The closed and controlled environment minimizes the risk of contamination from external sources, ensuring the purity and quality of the cultivated microalgae.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: SAM 6.0 is equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems for real-time tracking and optimization of critical parameters such as temperature, pH, and CO2 levels, ensuring optimal growth conditions for microalgae.
  • Increased Light Penetration: The system's optimized design maximizes light distribution within the photobioreactor, enhancing light utilization by microalgae and promoting efficient photosynthesis.

Range of Applications

SAM 6.0's unique features make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including:

Wastewater Bioremediation:
The system effectively treats wastewater, removing pollutants and producing valuable biofuels or other bioproducts.
CO2 Capture and Utilization:
High-Value Bioproduct Production:

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